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ProProcess is a company based in Braga, founded in 2005. Our services can be provided in our plant or in customers plant´s.

Proprocess dedicates its activity in different area, such as: Industrial Cleaning, Quality Control, Assembly of Components and Machining, guiding its performance in the sustainability and growth of the company, towards Excellence in partnership with its customers and stakeholders.


Quality Policy

ProProcess Unipessoal, Lda dedicates its activity in two distinct areas:
Industrial Cleaning and Quality Control of parts of its customers, guiding its performance in the sustainability and growth of the company, towards Excellence.
In order to continuously improve its performance, it decided to implement a Quality Management System based on the following premises:


Quality in service
We are specialists in the areas of industrial cleaning, quality control, assembly and machining, performing specific tasks, according to the needs and specifications of our clients;

Fast response to requested orders
Our client values ??our proactivity and availability;

Versatility of Human Resources
Qualified and motivated human resources, to carry out work in several areas of activity;

Customer satisfaction and other stakeholders
With the involvement of all employees, we seek to meet the needs and expectations of our customers and other interested parties, responding to their demand;

Legislation and Regulation
Comply with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our business area.

The company is duly certified in ISO 9001:2015. Certificate

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